To begin

From the homepage choose Photographs from the menu to view the library. You can then choose the library you want to see. You can navigate through the different libraries using the breadcrumbs path (eg Home>>Black&Whites)


To view the photographs

Once in library view (where you can see the thumbnails of the photographs) click the "Slideshow" button for better view of the photographs. You can use the arrow keys of your keyboard to navigate or move your mouse to the top of the page to adjust the slideshow speed from the "option" menu. The photographs are of high quality so you need to be patient is you have a slow interent speed.

You can also view single photographs by clicking on it. The EXIF data including the capture date are available in the "INFO" tab on the right.


To download

To download a set of photographs choose the "Download" button from the library view.

To download a single photograph move the mouse to the upper left corner of the photograph and choose "Download".


Before you leave

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